Building Future Schools with Humanistic Spirit and Social Intelligence

Building Future Schools with Humanistic Spirit and Social Intelligence

Advanced training on “Building Future Schools with Humanistic Spirit and Social Intelligence”.
This concept of touching lives by nurturing the innate virtues embedded in our souls is what the founding saints of Akal Academy envisioned and is being created for the children. Better humanity for tomorrow ☀️.

This workshop was curated to be mindful of self and then for others by self actualization. Recitation of Gurbani and meditation is the path we tread on for leading our life with inclusiveness of divine love , empathy and devotion to share and GIVE . We find lasting fulfilment in the pursuit of developing a humanistic spirit and being humane. The self is restful, peaceful and soulful.

We at Akal endeavour to touch the children in a manner where they are conscious of self worth and value their existence to add meaning to the lives of others . To see the world as One Big Parivaar as taught by Guru Nanak, to see that divine light is in all and serve all human beings with compassion . To create peace in this strife torn world despite the social, ethnic, cultural and economic disparity. Dr Juss Magon Educational psychologist from Canada – our close associate and my Gur Bhain of last one decade who resonate the same ideology of the blend of traditional education with spiritual rejuvenation lead this workshop to internalize the humanistic spirit with social and emotional and spiritual intelligence .

It was a rewarding experience over four days for our teachers and Principals to get immersed in this beautiful concept of leading life meaningfully and to instil in them the courage to be agents of change and the pillars of silent revolution in rural north India . We look forward to have more like minded educators to be part of this beautiful journey of Real education.

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2022-12-7 2022-12-7 Europe/London Building Future Schools with Humanistic Spirit and Social Intelligence Not indicated
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