Placement support

Placement support

Alumni have been praised time and again for their active role in successful placements. They prove to be a great help in terms of convincing their companies to run a recruitment spree on their campuses.

It serves to maintain a liaison with the alumni and to involve them in the development and growth of the institution. It will promote and encourage the alumni to exchange professional knowledge by undertaking and facilitating conferences, seminars, lectures and meetings amongst alumni, students, faculty, and others.

We aim to involve alumni and experienced volunteers in assisting with student placements and internships. The alumni are able to provide opportunities to the students in their organizations, and are also able to leverage their contacts to provide opportunities in other organisations known to them.

This event gives a chance where you get to train and give an experience of the job interviews to the final year students and recent alumni as well. The placement opportunity can also be extended to alumni of the university in order to help with their mid-career transitions, which could be traced for adding to data regarding career progression.

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